Casa Mediodía Bed and Breakfast Inn/Mini-Resort

Here is a printable link to the latest version of directions from Ensenada to Punta “Banda” and our Bed and Breakfast.

Go South from Ensenada (Route 1) to the Bufadora (Route 23)Turnoff in a town called Maneadero.  This will be a right turn if you are traveling south from Ensenada.

You will go about 9 miles up the north side of the Punta Banda to a point where you cross over to the South side of the Banda. (Note: Punta Banda is the name of the finger of land that sticks out into the ocean.)

When you can finally see south into the bay there is a large pull off area and a little green building on the left.  (Turn off onto the grey road on the map.)   Take the turn onto the dirt road next to the green house.  It is the only way to drive to our house.


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