Directions from Highway 23 to Casa Mediodia(Noon)Bed and Breakfast

    On the left at mile 11 you will see little green building with the Campo 9 sign on top(or our little Bed and Breakfast sign) .  This is the gate into Campo 9, which sits between two large white advertisement signs for "Cruz International Homes and Lots for Sale"

(NOTE: This turn off to Campo 9 is about 2 km before you get downhill to the Bufadora waterspout shops.  If you find yourself on paved road going downhill looking over the cliffs and ocean and Camp 7 or Camp 5,  you have gone too far. Also, you cannot get to our home directly from the Waterspout area because the roads in the little community (Bufadora) below us are blocked off into Campo 9.)  

  When you get to the dirt road turn left off of the paved road.  (Note:The turn off onto the gravel road is where the drawn above line starts in the previous map.)  Once you are on the dirt road, it looks like you are going to go up to the houses on top of the hill (DO NOT GO UP THE HILL TO ESCONDIDO ESTATES), you need to bear right at the fork in the road (we have another small Bed and Breakfast sign at the “Y” in the turn) which will take you across the South side of Punta Banda and in about a mile or so you will go through a white gate with a small guard shack.  If the guard is there, tell him you are going to Casa Mediodia.

Follow the Bed and Breakfast signs turn right at the sign and continue up the road to our next B&B Check-In sign

The the line ends up at our three buildings, the light yellow one is the Bed and Breakfast and next to it is our office in the brick red house on the right.  We also have the very yellow house below.  The road up to the house is a little rough, but you shouldn't have any problems.  It’s better if you have 4-wheel-drive.  Park in the driveway and come on in.

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